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The Magic of “William the Pig” by John Watson

In this blog, we will be exploring why William the Pig is set to captivate young and old readers across the world. Have you ever been in need of the perfect bedtime story, one you can enjoy with your kids, knowing that they will be taking away something valuable from it as they laugh themselves to sleep? In the hilarious pages of “William the Pig”, we are not just entertained by the antics and adventures of a clever pig, but we also find hidden gems of wisdom and lessons about resourcefulness and determination. Each of the 12 stories is a perfect balance of humour and charm, a pleasure for readers of all ages. Come, let us explore the world that John Watson offers us through William’s special lens.

1. The Power of Determination

William is a pig who never gives up. Whether he has to deal with mischievous foxes or organize the farm animals, William throughout these stories shows us that the difficulties we face need to be tackled with determination. This teaches us the value of getting stuck in and the strength that comes from facing problems rather than dodging them. In every challenge that William encounters his determination sees him through.

2. Ingenuity in Problem-Solving

The adventures that William undergoes in the book require quick thinking and creativity. His ability to come up with solutions that are innovative, like using Mrs. Jones’s bangle as a makeshift ring for the bull Hairy, teach us to think outside the box, as well of course as making us laugh.

3. Empathy and Understanding Others

William’s ability to understand and empathize with the feelings and needs of his fellow animals runs through these stories. He understands that being released into the wild really will not suit them. He understands why Hairy needs a ring. Looking after those who cannot look after themselves defines him as an animal.

4. Courage in the Face of Adversity

In his adventures, William consistently encounters obstacles requiring him to demonstrate bravery. From standing up to intimidating bullies, such as the foxes, to embarking on dangerous spy missions, he teaches us that true courage involves confronting our problems rather than simply avoiding them.

5. Adaptability and Resilience

You will never find William’s life on the farm dull, and you will often find him in situations that are unusual. He has an incredible ability to adapt. Whether it’s camouflaging himself for a spy mission or finding ways to get round Great Aunt Magatha, William teaches us the importance of being flexible and resilient. A successful pig thinks outside the sty. That is how it hones its problem-solving ability.

6. Leadership and Responsibility

As a respected member of the farm, William often takes on a leadership role as he guides and protects the other animals. His care for the safety and well-being of his farm friends show his love for them. They are his family.

7. Humour

In this book, William will face various problems but, despite the challenges, humour shines through and readers of all ages will find that they have to pause in their reading to laugh. Of course William’s adventures are absurd but they remind us that whatever life throws at us there is a funny side to it.

8. The Importance of Community

The William the Pig stories highlight to us the importance of being part of a community. The animals have different roles in the farm but their cumulative efforts produce a whole which is more than the sum of its parts. It is as members of a community that we can maximise our contribution.

9. Overcoming Mistakes     

William and his friends do make mistakes, but he always manages to put things right. Bouncing back from adversity is the key to William’s success.

10. Persistence and Determination     

William possesses a determination that is steadfast, especially when he involves himself in tasks like finding a ring for Hairy or solving the mystery of the pink water. He teaches us the importance of persistence and never giving up, no matter how tough the challenge might be to overcome.


In “William the Pig,” we find hilarious stories to laugh at but also lessons. The adventures of William teach us about determination, problem-solving, empathy, courage, adaptability, leadership, humour, community, overcoming mistakes, and persistence. They remind us of the simple yet profound lessons that can effectively guide us in our everyday lives. But at the heart of it all is the humour. It is not possible to read these stories out loud without laughing – and that goes for readers of all ages.

“William the Pig” by John Watson is available now on Amazon in various formats. Grab your copy today and journey together with William and his peculiar group of friends!

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