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john watson


the pig

Meet Cyrus, the little pig with a big heart! In these 12 engaging tales you join Cyrus on his farmyard escapades, where he discovers that being small doesn’t mean you can’t do important things. He might have doubted himself at first but, as you flip through these pages, you’ll see how his quick thinking saves the day, time and again.

Perfect for bedtime stories or solo reading, these tales celebrate Cyrus’s genius as he faces farmyard troubles with his furry friends. From outsmarting the bad foxes to rescuing the farm, Cyrus’s got tricks up his sleeve that’ll make you cheer!

Kids, gather round at bedtime. These aren’t just any tales. They are about a pig named Cyrus who teaches us that heroes come in all sizes. Adults, get ready to bring these adventures to life as you read aloud, or grab this book and get lost in Cyrus’s world all on your own. Whether you’re big or small, these stories pack a punch of fun, wisdom and laughter.

Think pigs are just for standing around? Think again! Cyrus’s adventures teach us about bravery, friendship, and solving problems with a snout full of cleverness. Dive into each story and discover how a little pig with a big heart can make all the difference.

So, if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t bring much to the table, join Cyrus and find out just how awesome small can be. From one adventure to the next, Cyrus’s here to show that even the smallest among us can be the greatest of heroes. So, buckle up and get ready for some farmyard fun with Cyrus, the pig who’ll steal your heart!

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